About Us

Our Promise

Newspaper Media Group is proud to serve 1 million households each week through our owned or managed community newspapers and distribution services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing local content to our loyal readers through excellent journalism and community involvement. We promise to be ingrained in our communities through local reporting and community events while continuing to grow our digital and social media presence.

Why NMG?

What sets Newspaper Media Group apart from our competitors?

• Content: We report on the local news that you don’t find anywhere else.
• Reach: The numbers speak for themselves. We reach more households than our competitors in nearly every zip code we cover.
• Community Involvement: We are members of the local associations, we report on the board meetings, we’re the vendor at the local festival, we host the local event. We are in the community every day because that is our commitment to our readers and business partners.
• Convenience: It has never been easier to buy advertising in NJ and PA. Over 35 owned or managed products with one point of contact.


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